Critical Analysis of the First Crusade Essay

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The First Crusade took place in 1096-1099 in the Middle East and it was a very dark place for the Jewish people living in this duration of time in history. A Crusade is a holy war or an enthusiastic movement for change socially, politically, or religiously. In the book The Chronicles of the First Crusade edited by Christopher Tyerman, it depicts the anger of Christians towards Jewish people after the crucifixion of Christ. The Jews were put to blame for Jesus’s death and the Crusaders decided that under God they needed to prosecute the Jews for not believing in Christ. Another reason behind The First Crusade is that Peter the Hermit with the help of Pope Urban II declared the goal of Christians having access to the holy lands, otherwise…show more content…
Later, the noblemen of France came together and decided to go to a far away place to fight in a war and risk their lives to “…conquer the kingdoms which do not believe in the crucified one, when actually it is the Jews who murdered and crucified him”(CSC, 37). The First Crusade began solely on religious views and the want to make Christians’ Holy Lands sacred again and to put to death those who do not believe in Christ. To continue, the crusaders were merciless to the mostly helpless Jews and a statement was declared, “Whosoever kills a Jew will receive pardon for all his sins” (CSC, 38). The Jews had no where to flee too due to the fact that they had no money which is why their neighbors turned them over to be slain. The Chronicles of the First Crusade reads, “…they were slain like oxen, and dragged through the market-places and streets like sheep to be slaughtered, and lay naked in the streets, for the foe stripped them and left them naked” (CSC, 41). Mothers were slitting their own children’s throats so that the Gentiles would not kill their child. Even a young boy was dragged across the muddy streets by a rope around his neck because he refused to believe in anything but his own God. The Jews were so terrified that they sacrificed their children like animals in the Old Testament to show God that they still believe in hope to be saved from their tragic fate, even though most were slaughtered in the end. There was so much death
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