Critical Annotation of Watson Reading and Commentary Reading

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Critical Annotation of Watson Reading and Commentary Reading 5 Question One Assignment 2 Reading Watson, C.W. (Ed.). (1999).A diminishment: A death in the field (Kerinci, Indonesia). In Being there: Fieldwork in anthropology (pp. 141-163). London: Pluto Press. In his reading, A Diminishment: A Death in the Field (1999), Watson analysed two critical issues that have preoccupied anthropologists for nearly four decades. These issues include the extent to which personality of the anthropologist should be clearly inserted into any published ethnographic account and how a competent anthropologist should become during identification, description as well as analysis of emotions (Watson, 1999). In essence, the first argument is hinged on whether there are chances of allowing their partisanship to influence whatever they see including how their interpretation of it all. Therefore, people in the society should give up all the pretence that all their account is objective and consider putting the point straight regarding own involvement (Watson, 1999). Watson believes that anthropologists like many other social scientists do very little compared to what their counterparts in the natural science perform especially when describing their equipment alongside the conditions under which their research was conducted (Watson, 1999). It is high time anthropologists became explicit about themselves, the primary tool for gathering vital information and autobiographical features of their

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