Critical Challenges Facing African American Men

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Critical Challenges Facing African American Men in Pursuit of the Doctoral Degree: What Institutions Must Do Introduction- [Build a case as to why this is a problem] Doug A severe underrepresentation of Black male doctoral students and earned doctorates exist in the United States (Harper, 2010). Lack of financial resources, poor academic preparation, absence of relationships with faculty, and low motivation contribute to the disparity of black males with conferred doctoral degrees (Proctor, 2009). The percentage of doctoral degrees awarded to African Americans has steadily increased in the past 30 years. However, African Americans earned only about 6% of all doctoral degrees awarded 2005 and 2007, and less than 3% of PhDs in the…show more content…
Harper (2012) connoted that more Black men are beginning to pursue PhD’s experiencing a 109% increase in post-baccalaureate degree attainment. This evidence is a testament that Black men make conscious decisions and efforts to pursue postsecondary education (Collins, 2012). Some of the goals of schooling and society in the United States are to develop students and citizens, who have high aspirations, believe in their capabilities, are hopeful they can realize their aspirations, and are optimistic about their future in general. Such characteristics are important because each leads to overall well-being (Bandura, 1977; Scheirer & Carver, 1985; Snyder et al., 1991), student achievement and higher graduation rates (Snyder et al., 2002) through a personal sense of urgency which allows them to take control of their life, challenge themselves, persevere through difficulties, and cope when obstacles arise (McBride, 2012). Why Black Men Pursue The PhD - Jamel Parent guidance, direction, and encouragement provide a strong stimulus for Black men to engage in the pursuit of the PhD. Harper (2012) asserted that Black men in postsecondary education are present because parents consistently conveyed non-negotiable expectations of obtaining a higher education degree. Harper (2012) further suggested these parents predetermined there child would participate in higher
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