Critical Discourse Analysis

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2.1. Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA): 2.1.1. What is CDA? Critical, discourse and analysis Before beginning to address what CDA is, it is important to be clear about what is meant by the concepts of critical, discourse, and analysis: The notion of ‘critical’ is primarily associated with the critical theory of the Frankfurt School where social theory should be oriented towards critiquing and changing society. In CDA, the concept of ‘critical’ is applied to the engagement with power relations. In this sense the role of CDA is to uncloak the hidden power relations, largely constructed through language, and to demonstrate and challenge social inequities reinforced and reproduced. …show more content…

2.1.3. The functions and aims of CDA: Van Dijk (1993) argued that “CDA deal primarily with the discourse dimensions of power abuse and the injustice and inequality that result from it”. He (1993) added that CDA criticize “the power elites that enact, sustain, legitimate, condone or ignore social inequality and injustice” and that CDA focuses on “real problems, that is the serious problems that

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