Critical Essay On 1984 By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s 1984 is a grim, in depth novel that explores a dystopian society governed by totalitarianism. Although this work was created through Orwell’s predictions and his past, today’s society does not completely reflect that from 1984. While there are massive televisions and hidden cameras on every corner of the street, certain aspects set our society apart. Many argue that technology is the enemy of privacy, that the government is attempting to control our every move and a form of Big Brother truly exists. These thoughts however, are not true.

Currently, advances in technology are taking over. Social media is the preferred method of sharing one’s location or photos from a family trip. Privacy is usually no where to be found, but at whose fault? Technology is not the enemy of privacy, it is more so its companion. The enemy, in fact is us – we choose to expose ourselves, in hope that others acknowledge how glorious or dissatisfactory our lives are. When responses are not up to par with our wants, the blame turns over to technology. Whereas in the world of 1984, the sole purpose of technology is to survey and invade, terminating any room for privacy.

Moreover, theories and conspiracies about the government seeking control over humans – our thoughts and
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A face serving as a reminder with paramount purpose and meaning, something to be feared as well as beloved. In 1984, Big Brother is one’s best friend and menacing enemy. Today, people speak to the President of the United States, Donald Trump as Big Brother, or a form of him. Withholding information and spewing out “alternative facts” seem to have the population convinced. Despite that belief, the two are not as similar. We are not brainwashed into convincing ourselves the higher ups are always correct. Instead, we mock the administration and they are afraid of what we think of it; there is no room left for Big Brother to present
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