Critical Path Method and Century Health Clinic

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Note: ALL assignments are required to have a TITLE page which must include the course number and section, team member names, assignment number and due date. Any written component must be prepared using a word processor. Diagrams, charts, and graphs should be constructed using computer software. A portion of the marks for computer constructed diagrams is awarded for professionalism of display. Written answers are to be expressed in complete thoughts. Check spelling and grammar. Answers to assignment questions are to be presented in numerical order. Staple the answer sheets once in the upper left hand corner.

1) Read about Last Chance Securities on page 87 (ninth edition) –or- page 82 (eighth edition).
a) Specify whether the
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Give the chart a meaningful title. Consider the first day as Day 1.


b) Complete a Network Computation Table showing estimated early, late, and slack times for the project activities. Use a word processor or spreadsheet to set up the table. The headings for the table are: Activity Letter Name, Duration, EST, EFT, LST, LFT, Slack

c) Would the project be delayed if activity F were delayed three [3] full working project days at this point ? Place a YES or NO right after the network computation table.

8) GANTT CHART (based on the project activities in question # 7 )
Each square of the Gantt chart represents ONE (1) day.

Hand in a Gantt chart either directly produced from Microsoft Project OR filled in electronically from the template Excel worksheet made available by the instructor OR created by manually filling in the blank Gantt charts made available by the instructor. Activity completion can be deemed equivalent to elapsed time spent on the activity.

Please note the following:
a) The first
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