Critical Points Of Current Knowledge

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Review of Literature
A literature review is a text written by various authors to consider the critical points of current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. For any research work it is utmost important to create necessary theoretical background. For this researcher mainly relied on the secondary information available in research papers, books, business magazines, newspapers, survey reports of different companies etc. This referring also helped in bringing about coherence in overall understanding of the area of study. In this context a literature review through many international and national journals, books, magazines and websites was under taken. The …show more content…

The research also makes it clear that improving RBS and the subsequent performance measurements of readership and circulation must be a strategic imperative that has meaning and relevance to everyone who works for the newspaper.
Mary Nesbitt and John Lavine in their research paper on Reinventing the Newspaper for Young Adults in 2012 in their Research has shown that intensive implementation of the Readership Institute’s experience research can produce positive outcomes with a crucial audience. When given a choice between traditional Newspaper and ad E-paper content that has been intentionally chosen and presented to improve their reading experience, young adult readers clearly and strongly prefer the Traditional Newspaper. It was clear that there are many definite reasons to choose Traditional Newspaper.” Now its a time for newspapers and publishing houses to develop and test a variety of approaches and use those experiences to increase the Readership.
Mary Nesbitt & Steve Duke in their article about “The Experience of Newspaper” published in may 2008 The Experience of the research Paper was clearly a favourite over the other former research, It was asked to the respondents to answer questions about various issues which interests in the Newspaper which no other media’s does. They had various areas of interest which

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