Critical Situation of Poverty in Pakistan

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“A person is considered poor if his or her income level falls below some minimum level necessary to meet basic needs. This minimum level is usually called the poverty line”.(Guenon n.d.)
Keeping in mind the situation of Pakistan in last couple of years, the initiative has been taken by the Government of Pakistan which commits for better access to critical public services for the poor. In addition to the poverty reduction strategies prepared by the Government major improvements were required in education, health and other basic necessities (including food and water etc.) sectors. Moreover, two major initiatives were taken by Government - Khushal Pakistan (a comprehensive poverty intervention) and Khushali Bank (a microcredit bank) - as countrywide efforts in order to address poverty.
Some Facts And Figures about Poverty in Pakistan
• 65.5 percent population of Pakistan earns less than 2$ per day (UNDP research) which shows that most of the people living in Pakistan are having very few necessities of life. Majority of Pakistan is living a miserable life below poverty line.
• (SPDC (Social Policy Development Centre) Report), 88 percent of Baluchistan’s population, 21 percent of Sindh, 51 percent of NWFP and 25 percent of Punjab’s population is victim to poverty and deprivation.
• Pakistan is categorized among the 43 countries who are most exposed to poverty. (S. Rana 2011)
According to a research by World Bank, during the 1990s, entire government revenue fell from 17 percent of

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