Critical Thinking : An Art Of Critical Thinking

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Boss (2015), defines Critical thinking as an art of discipline that allows individuals to use strategic thinking in any type of scenario. In other words, it ensures a person to utilize the most sought for information that is available to them to make the best decision possible. Critical thinking is a magnificent gift given to man. It gives an individual the opportunity to rely on their ability to question themselves about a given circumstance where this person can be critical of the various answers that are created from those questions. Furthermore, this can guide an individual to several other questions that were based of previous questions. In theory, this should allow a person to grasp the situation or topic fully. However, if worse comes to worse, one will eventually realize that they need more information before they go and make the final decision. If an individual practiced critical thinking properly as it should, then this individual will be viewed as a critic to his own questioning all the time, deciding if his thoughts are reasonable and fitting. Humbleness and castigation will occur over time if proper practice is applied (Bleedorn, 1993). Over 2,000 years ago Socrates challenged many intellects through a series of questioning that would open new doors which ultimately revealed the true logic of their ideas. Socratic Questioning This analytical type of questioning revealed many smooth talkers who had sketchy ideas, lack of evidence and even ideas that

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