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It always amazes me to see how people can be alike, and different, at the same time. As I age, I find that I am ever more observant to the uniqueness of each individual, yet awed by our common humanity. Our differences are less something to be feared, than something to be celebrated. The metaphor presentations varied significantly, yet they addressed the same theme. The assignment provided an opportunity to glimpse how my classmates see and use metaphor. I believe we grow when we experience the creativity of others. I am enjoying the art projects in class. I discovered many years ago that I have some untapped raw talent, but I have not nurtured this side of myself. I know this talent exists, because I once pulled a life-sized cormorant out…show more content…
It was the first time I had the opportunity to spend several days talking to members of this faith. Gaining a rudimentary understanding of Islam is critical for therapists (actually, for all Americans). While Gil and Drewes (2005) mentioned two of the largest sub-groups, they did not sufficiently address the myriad of organizations in America alone. These groups have captivated a growing segment of the African American population, in some cases providing a strong sense of identity. Given the historical treatment of blacks in America, and the state of affairs world-wide, it is not surprising that some groups have taken more aggressive positions. The challenge of this chapter is daunting, especially given the wide variety of sub-cultures within black society…show more content…
I especially appreciated the example of how one clinician was able to work through an incident of child abuse. It can be challenging to get past stereotypes and other cultural norms (e.g. family privacy). But it is critical to do so, if one is to help Hispanic families. The text stresses that rapport can only be built if one understands the impact of guilt and shame on the family, and respects the family’s need for privacy (Gil & Drewes, 2005). After reading these two chapters, it is impossible not to walk away with some trepidation about the challenges of working with such diverse groups. Yet there is hope, if one can be open to meeting clients where they are, while maintaining a constant curiosity and desire to
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