Critical Thinking Application B International Hr

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Critical Thinking Application 2- B International HR:
1. So what are the critical HR issues with regard to Starbucks’ international goals?

Critical HR issues include:
One of the critical HR issue that may have a direct influence on Starbucks when operating outside the United States is related to compliance with the employment and labor law in the host country: management should understand the labor law in the host countries, staff entitlements and benefits, staff promotions and compensations, recruitments and selection process, type of employments, workers unions, etc.

I believe that Starbucks have to understand the employment rules and regulations at the host government, one example which show that how much critical to understand the …show more content…

Starbucks should be aware of the cultural differences regarding the type of services provided and the quality of the products (example Starbucks should considered what type of food should be serve as example exclude the pork from the menu in Muslim countries were prohibited like in Saudi Arabia)

2. What are the key questions that must be asked once research has determined that the market is going to be profitable in a particular country?
Key questions should be related to the personnel and the organizational structure, whether local staff to be in the front line “interact with the customer”, positions and titles for local employees and for the international staff.

Also it is important for the Starbucks to ask about the Holidays, weekend days, number of working hours in the host countries, what workers should dress, mechanism for delivery and transportations, and how much are the

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