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Ways and Knowing in Through the Looking Glass

Many different ways of knowing are used by both the character and myself. The characters are using emotion, imagination, sense perception, and intuition. When Alice started to cry Tweedledum didn’t try to understand her and instead thought they were fake. He was using apathy to understand her situation instead of empathy. Interns of sense perception, both illusions and interpretations are used by all the characters. The world itself is fantastical, yet Tweedledee and Tweedledum both interpret that the Red King’s dream is about Alice. The illusion is the world itself and the creatures that couldn’t possibly exist, they are in it of them self an illusion of Alice’s sense perception. Connection …show more content…

The natural emotional bias is almost if impossible to avoid as it is something everyone carries with them from previous experience. I know a little about Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and that previous knowledge caused me to make assumptions about the story before and while reading it. I thought it would be fantastical and didn’t take anything happening to serious, which could restrict my perception of the true meaning of the book. Connecting to fantastical aspects of the book, I used my imagination to recreate the scenario of the book in my head, to gain a better understanding of the situation. When doing so, I also used intuition to create the recreation. I used my rational process and my instincts on what the world would look like. There isn’t much description of the world or characters, besides the Red King’s, so most of my reaction is most likely not accurate as I only have the information from the excerpt of the story. I also used my rational process to interpret the story. Which included my sense perception of interpretation of what I was reading. Lastly, I used reason and rationalism to make sense of the story. The imaginative element differentiates it from the world we live in today, so I used reason to see how things would work in their type of

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