Criticism In Fahrenheit 451

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Since the publication of the book, “Fahrenheit 451”, books lovers have been attracted by how does the author presents his ideas of a totalitarian society described in the book. However, there are several lenses in which can be used to analyze the narrative. This passage will be analyzed using new criticism lense. The theme of a totalitarian society is prevalent throughout the whole story, the government controls people's minds, actions and even how they think with all those rules. After analyzing the textile a profound way, the understanding of the text will also be more profound.
Fahrenheit 451 can be analyzed using different perspectives. In this passage, it will be analyzed using new criticism. Knowledge is an issue very discussed inside the government. The number 451 in the title of the book Fahrenheit 451, stands for the temperature that a book gets when it is burning. Public politics concerning education was basically a room with the "parlour walls" (Ray Bradbury, 7). For the government controlling is not interesting having a well educated population by virtue of that is much easier to control citizens with a low level knowledge. Clarisse critiques the society, "I sometimes think drivers don't know what grass is, or flowers, because they never see them slowly," (Ray Bradbury, 6). We can relate to our society nowadays that people are rushing in their cars most …show more content…

Totalitarianism is a system in which the government regulates and control people's lives. The leadership controls education, science, information and even the private live of its citizens. Rules are created to be followed in order to have total control. "He drove forty miles an hour and they jailed him for two days. Isn't that funny, and sad, too?" (Ray Bradbury, 6). Nobody is allowed to have a different behavior or thoughts that could threaten the political

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