Criticizing and Resistence of Science Today Essay

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In the twentieth century, the constant alternating effects of science resulted in substantial concern for countless groups of people such as Socialists who felt that science at present wasn’t receptive to the requirements of human beings, Conservatives anxious on the attempt of science to disregard conventional establishments and radical feminists enraged due to the manner in which women are observed in science, additionally, religious believers concerned at the way the foundations of their beliefs being tarnished as irrelevant by science as well as environmental activists who argue that science has caused incredible amounts of damage to habitats around the world as well as contributing to the effects of global warming. From this, it is …show more content…

The incident motivated thousands of people in the region to participate in the act of tree hugging in order to save their forests. After 7 years, the movement had stretched and extended all the way through India which resulted in the arrangement of an insightful communal set of forest rules and guidelines that ended the open felling of trees. (Shiva, 1989) However, deforestation or open tree felling is not always necessarily problematic. For instance, it gives room for grazing land and land for crops, it helps the transportation of a valuable material, such as oil, it gives many people, who would otherwise be jobless, employment, which in turn increases their standard of life, it provides room for things such as offices, hospitals, schools and other facilities, which supports the community, and also the use of lumber products which are utilized for table making, paper etc. (Peet and Watts, 2004) Nevertheless, a study was conducted of just fewer than 300 cities in Brazil surrounding the borders of the Amazon rain forest, measuring their levels of development before and after deforestation. Researchers concluded that deforesting the land and turning it into agriculture initially raised development levels, however, years later the levels of

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