The Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment

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Forest makes our lives better. Forest is a home of animals, birds, and indigenous people mostly from Amazon forest, which lies in South America. Forest is not only a home, but it is also a source of oxygen, food, shelter, medicine etc. It plays vital role to prevent soil erosion and landslide. We can say that without forest we cannot survive. Although, knowing forest is essential for us, there has been cut down of forest to build industries, town, homes etc. The act of deforestation has been increasing every year, and it can lead to extinction of species, and have effect on environment. But many people have no concerns about deforestation because they might not have knowledge about the impact towards the ecosystem, people, and the environment. Industrialists seems to have no concerns because they only care about the revenue that they make. Deforestation have bad effect on environment, people, and animals.

First, Deforestation have bad effect on environment. Deforestation causes increase in Greenhouse gases. Trees produce oxygen for people and absorb greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide. Because of lack of trees to absorb Greenhouse gases, gases are being going to atmosphere and the result is global warming. Trees are also important for water cycle that brings rain to the earth for the plants and crops, so, the chances of rain for the crops and plants are low because of deforestation. Trees are key source of soil erosion and landslide prevention because trees protect the

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