Crjs300 Theory and Practice in Courts

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Unit 3: Theory and Practice in Courts Stacey Pedroza CRJS300-1203A-04: Proseminar in Criminal Justice Professor Samantha Carlo AIU Online University June 24, 2012 Theory and Practice in Courts In reviewing the court system of the United States there is a definite hierarchy between the trial courts, appellate courts and the supreme courts of both the state and federal levels. However, the actions of the court systems move at such a slow and hindered pace because of the bureaucracy of motions and objections among many others. The following is a review of the type of court system the United States has and why. Along with judges sentencing goals and philosophy; and sentencing innovations. Dual Court System The United States…show more content…
Judges are a lot like police officers in that they hold a great amount of discretionary power in their courtrooms and their judgments. Judges are required to ensure that the accused is given a fair trial, while also ensuring that the best interest of the public is maintained. There is a great amount of pressure placed on judges today with excessive case loads and pressures from the media and other outside sources. Difficult Cases An example of a difficult case would be that of a repeat sex offender. Being a parent this would pose a difficult moral situation, wanting to impose the stiffest sentence possible to remove the offender from being allowed to interact with society at all. Sex offenders are not worthy of being allowed to roam freely with our communities and there are not enough facilities to allow them to be locked up for life. These offenders may see some jail time but they have specific guidelines on which they are allowed to live on house arrest or on parole. Unfortunately, there are just not enough parole officers or case workers to monitor the daily activities of all of the parolees and many realize more freedoms than they should be allowed. Sex offenders have damaged their victims for life, and should be held more accountable for their actions. America has such a prison overcrowding issue that we cannot possibly

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