The Judiciary Of State For The Home Department

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In this essay I will be the judiciary, its role in our justice system and how they are selected and trained to do their jobs. Furthermore I will be stating in this context why there is a lack of diversity and putting forward on solutions on how we can solve that problem. The judiciary plays a fundamental role in ensuring that that the rule of law is maintained and the people that are subject to it are dealt with fair and just manner. Additionally the judiciary being one of the three branches of the government; it has a role of ensuring that the executive and the legislative do not abuse their powers. To illustrate, The Human Rights Act 1998 has allowed the judiciary to declare any legislation that is incompatible with the act as unlawful. As can be seen in the case of A v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2004] in which the the appellants were held under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 with out due process.and that imprisonment was declared unlawful. As a result parliament was forced to abolish it. Subsequently, judges have a pivotal role within the judiciary system not only to cover all the different aspects such as criminal and civil law. They also have to interpret the law, make decisions and deliver judgment on the case before them. More importantly they have to keep aside all biasness and their personal views aside. On the contrary that is not the case, due to the lack of diversity in the judiciary, which is dominated by the stereotypical

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