Cross Cultural Communication

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Cross cultural communication Bearing that we all come from varying cultures and cultural backgrounds do dictate a lot the type of reactions we receive from the pubic as well as the way we react to other people around us, there is need to use our communication tools as an access tool to the people of the different culture. Being a Chinese who has lived in the USA for 4 years, I have come to realize that the use of communication accommodation has been one of the best tools to overcome the barriers that can be between me and the majority of the cultures around me. In a society that is multicultural in composition, it is most significant that people from the varying cultures strive to embrace each other for a harmonious coexistence. In order for this to take place, one of the central pivots is the cross cultural communication. For this to take place, there is need for what is known as communication accommodation theory to be applied and used appropriately. This is the approach that has made my stay in the USA bearable despite the varying religious, cultural, race, nationality among other central tenets of existence. According to Howard G., (2013) there is tendency for the people who seek the approval of others whom they come across in an intercultural encounter to adjust their speech styles as well as the content of their speech in order to rhyme or mesh up with the others. This is a thing that I have had to do several times in order to fit into the various groups that I
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