Cross Cultural Project : Puerto Rican

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Tania Darosa Professor Livingstone Introduction to Cross-Cultural Project 9-30-15 Puerto Rican is the populations and residents of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a multi-ethnic state where home is different ethnic to people and nationwide backgrounds, but the result of some Puerto Ricans does not luxury their population as an ethnicity, but as a nationality with numerous civilizations and nationwide backgrounds including the Puerto Rican people. Puerto Rican is and notwithstanding its multi-ethnic structure of the culture apprehended in a joined by the greatest Puerto Ricans was signified to as conventional Puerto Rican culture. A Western culture is the large consequential from the civilizations of Western European immigrants from the beginning of the early Spanish immigrants as along with other Europeans received afterward such as the Corsicans Irish, Germans and French, lengthways with a heavy-duty West African culture which has been powerful. According to a (Rivera, M (n.d.). People. Retrieved September 27, 2015) “Puerto Ricans are known for their warm hospitality, often considered very friendly and expressive to strangers. Greetings are often cordial and genuine. When people are first introduced, a handshake is usual, however, close friends and family members always greet you hello or goodbye with a kiss on the cheek or a combination hug and kiss. This happens between female friends and between men and women, but not between male friends. Puerto Ricans are best known by

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