The Culture And Culture Of Puerto Rican Culture

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Puerto Rican culture is very unique and diverse and is mainly influenced by its past. It is a melting pot of Taino Indian, Spanish, African, and American cultures, which is what makes Puerto Rico unique. Puerto Rican music, clothing, food, traditions, holidays, languages, and religions are all influenced from the diversity of the population. The official languages are Spanish and English because of the long period of time when Spain ruled and then later, when it became U.S. territory. The majority of the population of Puerto Rico is also Roman Catholic or Protestant again, because it was ruled by the Spanish Crown for over an extended period of time. Puerto Rican food has many different ingredients derived from the different ethnic groups. They use many fresh ingredients for bold flavors, but their food generally isn’t spicy compared to other cultures. Puerto Ricans typically eat a light breakfast, but their lunch and dinner is heavy. For them, dinner is the most important meal of the day. Puerto Ricans typically drink coffee and eat mallorca which is a type of sweet bread. They normally start off dinner with an appetizer like soup or stew first. Some of the main Puerto Rican dishes include: carne frita con cebolla which is, fried beefsteak with onions, roast leg of pork, ham, lamb, or any roasted meats cooked in Creole style with blends of herbs and spices. Puerto Ricans also love chicken and many of their popular dishes include chicken like, arroz con pollo, chicken and

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