Cruel Optimism Analysis

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The writer may suggest that one should not focus their attention on the topic of abortion, but rather live life to the fullest. The author mentioned cruel optimism as an ideology that people intend to achieve in order to become happy in the society. The writer quotes
‘‘Cruel optimism’’ names a relation of attachment to compromised conditions of possibility whose realization is discovered either to be impossible, sheer fantasy, or too possible, and toxic. What’s cruel about these attachments, and not merely inconvenient or tragic, is that the subjects who have x in their lives might not well endure the loss of their object or scene of desire, even though its presence threatens their well-being; because whatever the content of the attachment is, the continuity of the form of it provides something of the continuity of the subject’s sense of what it means to keep on living on and to look forward to being in the world (94).” The author may argue that in the society, some human beings may experience “cruel optimism,” in the sense that if the source of one’s happiness deals with wealth,
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However, if the source of happiness for another community deals with banning abortion, then the community has to abide by the ideology. For instance, assume that a person has a child does the person with the child automatically become happy? Also, if a person aborts a child would the person become happy and achieve the ideal dream of the social standard of the community? Lastly, are there any other factors that contributed to one’s own happiness? All these questions may draw the reader to the ideal of “cruel optimism.” Moreover, if both communities come together, then the ideology cannot be achieved and both communities end up with
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