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Lab Assignment #1: Introduction to Encryption Algorithms CSEC 630 University of Maryland University College Professor Jingyu Zhang 1. Which tool or technique would be most effective for a cryptanalyst to use to decipher a text encrypted with the Caesar cipher, and why? The best analysis tool to break the Caesar cipher is histogram because it performs a statistical analysis on cipher text which shows the frequency of each letter used in the file. This can later be compared and matched to the frequency of letters in the English language. 2. What do you notice about the histogram results when text is encrypted with the Vigenère cipher in comparison to the results of the Caesar cipher? Why is this the case? Histogram simply…show more content…
7. Analyze the data encrypted with the RSA cipher. How does this encryption method compare to the other methods these Labs have covered? RSA is more secure than traditional ciphers. Histograms are completely random. The complexity of cipher will depend on the ley size that is used. The RSA uses an asymmetric encryption and this makes it more secure that the Symmetric encryption. Asymmetric uses a key for encryption and one for decryption while the other methods used symmetric encryption and this used one key for encryption and decryption. The longer they key is, the more secure and complex the cipher will be. This goes for both the symmetric and asymmetric encryption The disadvantage of RSA is that it takes up a lot more space and memory and will run slower. It needs more processing power and memory. 8. What are the advantages of the Hybrid RSA-AES cipher? How does this encryption method compare to the other methods the Lab has covered? Advantages of the Hybrid RSA-AES are many and one is that it still stays at the speed of symmetric encryption while protecting the data with the strength of asymmetric encryption. Because the symmetric encryption is about 100 % faster than asymmetric encryption this makes it more efficient and there are no sacrifices to security and the performance. This encryption uses the pros of each part of the encryptions. This

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