Cts 115 Ch1 Review Questions Essay

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Chapter 1: Review Questions 1. What does the word “processing” in data processing mean? A process is any manipulation of data, usually with the goal of producing information. 2. Give three examples in which raw data also serves as useful information. Input Process Output 3. Give three business examples (not mentioned in the text) of data that must be processed to provide useful information.
Accurate Current 4. Give three examples of subsystems not operating in the context of IT. Why are these considered subsystems and not systems?
Account Payable – records information about money that organization owes to suppliers and service providers
General Ledger– records current transactions Account …show more content…

9. In which situations does one need to make a decision? Give three examples not mentioned in the chapter.
What if we purchase raw materials overseas?
What if we merge our warehouses?
What if we double our shifts and cut our staff? 10. How can a DSS help make decisions?
Organizations often build information systems specifically designed to help make decisions.
11. Note the word “support” in decision support systems. Why these applications are not called decision-making systems?
Because they have neither the time nor the resources to study and absorb long, detailed reports of data and information, organizations often build information systems specifically designed to help make decisions.
12. Who is considered a knowledge worker? Will you have a career as a knowledge worker? Explain.
Hardware and software platforms, products, and applications System analyst – proven knowledge in advanced operating and personal computer systems; must have a thorough understanding in multiple

13. What is the most prevalent type of information system? Why this type of is IS so ubiquitous?
Supply Chain Management System; the term “supply Chain” refers to the sequence of activities involved in producing and selling a product or service.
14. TPSs are usually used at the boundaries of the organization. What are boundaries in this context?

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