Cuban Revolution Wikipedia Analysis

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In the Wikipedia page over the Cuban Revolution it is really interesting that Fidel and Che’s face both represent the faces of the revolution in contrast to the Fidel Castro documentary, which does not mention Che at all. One of the first things that the second paragraph mentions is the relationship between Cuba and the United States and how relations have only begun to improve recently. The Wikipedia page of the Cuban Revolutions mentions a lot of the implication of the Cuban Revolution and the results of the Cuban Revolution. This is important because it suggests that the document has been altered to match the current political situation between the United States and Cuba. The Wikipedia page for the Cuban Revolution provides a lot more information…show more content…
But because Minister is writing from an American perspective he does not mention the involvement of the United States in Cuban affairs until the Cold War. This could suggest that we are getting a biased perspective. Another observation about this source is that while it does provide more insight on the leadership of the Cuban Revolution it does not go into as much detail as the Wikipedia page about the Cuban Revolution. The article takes a lot of time to look at the military tactics and the mobilization of people into the military. It is a lot different from any of the other sources because it takes the time to describe the people’s perception of the revolution and how they functioned under the Batista regime. While it does not go into as much factual detail as the Cuban Revolution Wikipedia page it is clear that the intention of the author is to inform an audience that does not have much knowledge over the Cuban Revolution. This article would be useful for someone who was interested in the sequence of events and not the motives behind the Cuban
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