Cuisine In Southern Food In The 'Invisible Man'

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Cuisine in Southern literature has become a character in itself that exposes the secrets of the cultured south. “Conversations about food have offered paths to grasp bigger truths about race and identity, gender and ethnicity, subjugation and creativity” (Edge, 2). The historical past of food presents the truth of a South that is often forgotten when discussing the evolution of food. Southern food stems from slavery, agriculture, and traditions of southerners over the centuries. Ralph Ellison uses southern food in the “Invisible Man” to represent the elements of southern food exemplifying its true meanings and associations from history’s past. John T. Edge in “Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South” shares the hardships of the past that have become embedded into the culture of southern cuisine. Southern food embodies a history that has evolved over time and explains why we have come to believe of exclusive foods as deeply southern. “The South is a world so shaped by history and memory that is difficult to separate myth from reality. The same is true for southern food” (Ferris, 3). Southern foods are rooted in culture and traditions of the past. “Real southern food is distinctive, innovative cuisine that is grounded in the world of local agrarian traditions—soil, waters, region, season, flora and fauna—and the influence of global cultures” (Ferris, 3). Through agricultural innovation, southern food has advanced to become the tasteful southern cuisine

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