Cultural And Artistic Values And The Success Of Big Brother

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An overview of cultural and artistic values which contribute to the success of Big Brother
Hasanein K Amori

Big Brother is an example of a distinctive game doc that caused a transitional stage to traditional documentary and reality genre. Therefore, this essay will delve into its artistic and cultural value that award the show this distinction. The work will approach different dimensions evaluating the programme through a hierarchy of concepts. It will first approach the base of the hierarchy and explain reality Tv genre as a covering topic that Big Brother related to. Then, it will introduce a brief overview of the show structure. Subsequently, the work will briefly address the art of the dramatic elements and the production and budget aspect. Finally, it will mainly focus on the cultural appeal of Big Brother to its audience.

Big Brother programme is categorised as a reality TV show. However, The term of reality TV is significantly broad. The reality TV is a representation of realism or actual aspects in different forms and modes composing one genre. It is in effect a contrast to imaginary to refer to the existence world in contrast to the fantasy world. Bignel (2005, P:61) clarified that“ The artificiality of the scenario in some reality Tv programmes is countered by their use of non-actor participants, no-scripts and a temporal progression which is close to the linear unfolding of lived daily time. Also, Television reviewer Kerrie Murphy has a broader…

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