Cultural Anthropology And The American Society

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Lucas Mochal
General Education Task Assignment 1
Cultural Anthropology
Feminist Approach to the American Society

One theoretical approach in the field of cultural anthropology is the Feminist Approach. The feminist approach is an approach that helped females from all diverse cultures to band together for equal rights or more freedom for themselves. A feminist theory can be described as an approach to move towards empowering women worldwide. Feminism has been a problem in any culture from any time in history, and feminist worldwide are all banding together for one reason: to become independent and highly powered women. The main goals of feminism are to discuss the importance of women, break the gender inequality
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In the later centuries in school girls were depicted to be in home economic classes to learn how to be a homemaker, whereas boys were sought out to be in math and science classes. As the centuries progressed society has changed immensely in how men have treated their women and how women have overcome their typical roles in society. People have always had the impression that society is driven by males. One big feministic move that women fought for was the right to be able to vote. Women had never been able to vote because it was thought that men should only have the right to choose who would be serving us locally and nationally. Liberal feminists thought that this idea was unfair and that both genders should be able to vote, so they fought for the right for some women to vote in 1918 and then in 1928 their appeal was approved and all women got the right to be able to vote.
Another area that feminists fought to change was the view of women in the workplace. Many career areas have always been depicted as a “men only” career such as Political, law enforcement, military and construction. Feminist have taken the challenge to prove that this is a gender equal nation where women are able to do the same amount of work that men can do if not better than men. In the earlier centuries when it came to serving in the military you would never find a women serving because they were known to be very weak and physically unfit to serve in the
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