Cultural Anthropology And The American Society

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Lucas Mochal
General Education Task Assignment 1
Cultural Anthropology
Feminist Approach to the American Society

One theoretical approach in the field of cultural anthropology is the Feminist Approach. The feminist approach is an approach that helped females from all diverse cultures to band together for equal rights or more freedom for themselves. A feminist theory can be described as an approach to move towards empowering women worldwide. Feminism has been a problem in any culture from any time in history, and feminist worldwide are all banding together for one reason: to become independent and highly powered women. The main goals of feminism are to discuss the importance of women, break the gender inequality band and also to show that women over the years have always been subordinate towards men. This essay will talk about the feminist approach towards bettering society and creating an equal place for both men and women to live in. In olden days women had always taken a back seat to men in society because men were always described as hunter gatherers, while the women had been described as homemakers and caregivers. The men would go out and hunt for food and defend their civilization if they had been threatened or taken over by differing countries. Women back in older centuries were depicted to be weak, they were the ones who raised the children, keep up with the home, and would be the ones responsible for skinning the hides for meat and also…
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