Cultural Appropriation : Disrespects Of A Minority Culture

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Cultural Appropriation Cultural appropriation is shown in many ways among the public. When a member of the majority takes an element of a minority culture and attempts to make it their own, they are appropriating the minority’s culture. Appropriating a culture is disrespectful and can lead to loss of valuable meaning of cultural practices. This is shown in many ways, such as the use of blackface or wearing a significant piece of Native American history as a fashion accessory. Each of these elements is an example of appropriation of a minority culture and is never acceptable and needs to be stopped.
Cultural appropriation is disrespectful to those belonging to the minority culture. A blatant example of cultural appropriation shown in …show more content…

These headdresses hold significant meaning to those belonging to Native American tribes and are not meant to be worn as an accessory. These warbonnets were typically comprised of beadwork, ermine skins, and tail feathers of an eagle (Native American Headdresses). Each element to the headdress had to be earned through bravery and determination by chiefs and warriors and were scarcely worn by women. While these warbonnets hold significant meaning to many Native Americans, all value is lost when young women belonging to the majority culture adorn these headdresses to make a fashion statement. As Tate Walker, a woman belonging to the Lakota tribe says on the topic of wearing headdresses, “Your fashion accessory is our symbol of survived genocide” (Here's Why You Should Reconsider Wearing That Native American Headdress). Wearing these articles with significant meaning and history to marginalized cultures is a disrespectful example of cultural appropriation. More attention needs to be brought to acts such as these in order for change to enact.
Some may argue that these actions are simply embracing another culture and will lead to a more accepting future. However, this belief is merely due to the confusion of what the difference between appropriation and celebration is. Cultural celebration excludes the power dynamic that comes with appropriation. When celebrating a culture, the person celebrating

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