Cultural Beliefs In Cash Pot

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Jamaican Cultural Belief : Cash Pot Man / Drop Pan

Myth: Cash Pot is a form of lottery in Jamaica it is extremely popular, it has even been incorporated into everyday language. The idea of cash pot or drop pan depending on who is speaking is that everything in life has a number, there are 36 numbers and they all represent several things. The game came to Jamaica through Chinese immigrants, since Jamaica has a very large Chinese population. The reason why Cash Pot has been so popular in Jamaican culture and the reason why it won't go anywhere anytime soon is because of its significance to everyday life. Many Cash Pot addicts believe that Cash Pot predicts the future and can be used to analyze the past, any one skilled enough to read the symbols and predict the winning number is often considered almost witch like. This person is usually good at interpreting dreams and can tell you what to do if something bad is coming your way. How Cash Pot works is you can bet any amount of money starting from JA$10 on any one number between the numbers 1 and 36 and win several times what you bet. If you bet JA$100 you can win JA$2500 (Jamaica My Way. 2017).
For example let’s say you got into an argument with your grandmother, you can play number 36, which represents old lady, you can also play 21, which means bad girl and that would represent yourself. You may not win but maybe a week from today a relative abroad sends you money and you might then think wait this played in

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