Cultural Competency And Health Care

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Cultural competency is secure, respectful, reciprocal relationships and partnerships, which respects for diversity and obey expectations and equity. In today’s society, cultural competency is quite important to the worldwide healthcare due to the cultural differences. In Melbourne, Australia, Monash Health is a community service in the local government area (LGA) of Monash. In order to demonstrate the features and importance of cultural competency, details of this community (Monash) are going to be described, for example, the main countries of birth, demographic composition, languages spoken and organizations and services. The cultural characteristics and cultural values of a prominent cultural community in Monash, the Chinese community,…show more content…
- Therefore, Chinese language, especially the Mandarin are the mainly language spoken at home except for English. There are totally 2.9% Chinese-born people in Australia spoke Chinese, including Mandarin, Cantonese and Chinese, nfd, while 76.76% of people spoke English. Thus, around 400 out of 13763 people spoke Chinese in the year 2011.
- The top 3 overseas birthplace of emerging communities are Bosnia and Herzegovina (118), Israel (112) and United Arab Emirates (106) in year 2006. However, the United Arab Emirates born population increased to 167, occupying the first place 5 years after, whereas Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked the third (145). Israel born population raised from 112 to 150, and be the second place in year 2011.
- There are 44.71% population (year 2011) that born overseas in the city of Monash, which grew from 39.64% in year 2006. Besides, the percentage of Australia-born population dropped from 54.32% to 51.1% during this five years, indicating that more and more international residents are living in the city of Monash.
- There are 551 organizations and services available to the city of Monash. When focus on the most prominent community in the city of Monash, 24 organizations and services are for Chinese community. These organizations are consist of various types, such as ethnic media (9), arts and culture (2), chambers of commerce (3), community associations (4), community language schools (3),
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