Cultural Competency Framework

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The physicians and oncology nurses face the challenges every day in commitment to care of cancer patient in communication while discussion about the diagnosis, treatment and management. The specialized area demands the special skills in communication linguistically as well as culturally competent aspects. Decision making is one of the vital parts of cancer patients in order to align with life change activities. Certain barriers are encountered in communication on the basis of race, ethnic biases, their health beliefs and values, living conditions, and lack of health care resources (de Graaff, Francke, van den Muijsenbergh, & van der Geest, 2012). In which the cultural competency framework is to reach the goal of the institution through its educational activities by means of policies, interpreter services, and cross-cultural experts in training physician and nurses in progression of quality care of culturally diverse patients (Weber, Sulstarova, & Singy, 2016) …show more content…

Mostly nurses are more interested in undertaking such educational programs in order to meet the nursing service integrate with expectation of scope of nursing practice. Thereby, nursing educators have the responsibilities in implementation of preparation of course or training curriculum to reach the goal of oncology nurses in meeting the cultural competency. The recommendation for the course inclusive of cultural sensitivity and awareness, background knowledge of migrants, tasks oriented communication skills to consider the sensitive issue on decision making process in case of cross-cultural cancer care (Weber, Sulstarova, & Singy,

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