Cultural Differences In The Movie : The African Doctor

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Cultural boundaries have been the epicenter of driving apart individuals from different cultural backgrounds. The movie The African Doctor is the perfect example of such differences. It also portrays how and why overcoming these boundaries is significant to the wellbeing of the community. The community in which the African doctor is integrating has multiple things in common but the uncertainty avoidance that the community had was too high to permit any exchanges between the two cultures. The way the African doctor adapted to the way the locals where is proof that communication competence is key when it comes to dealing with and ingroups when being part of the out group. And trying to break the barrier of closed minded people that were born and raised in a specific environment that wasn’t proan to interact with anything other than themselves is very difficult, but in fact possible. The African Doctor shows us the tenacity of how to deal with these instances. Overcoming the obvious boundaries that exist between two separate cultures by focusing on how beneficial they are to each other is key to improving the eachothers lives.

As well stated by the interplay textbook, Uncertainty avoidance, “the tendency of a culture’s member to feel threatened by ambiguous situations and how much they try to avoid it”.The cultural values and norms the community and the african doctor’s family had, had much in common, elas, because of this avoidance, the members of the community were afraid of

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