Cultural Exchange In Africa

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In the year 1235 C.E a new empire arose in africa just after the fall of the strong ghana years before this empire, Mali was one of the strongest and wealthiest empires in Africa. Mali was one of the three strongest and wealthiest empires,it is located in west Africa and above the Niger river. Mali became a site of cultural exchange because when the people of the north seen their wealth they went to trade,exchange ideas and share religion.
Mali became a cultural exchange because years before the empire of Mali arised the empire of ghana was already there it had already attracted people from the north to trade for gold.
The first reason Mali became a site of cultural exchange is because they were the wealthiest empire in africa located west of africa and people up north started traveling down west africa to trade for gold and when people from foreign countries come to a new country they will share their culture along with trading their goods.
According to The Ghana empire by U.C Davis Social Science in the year 2014 it states “ Mali was one of three medieval kingdoms that ruled over West Africa. The first empire was Ghana, which was ruled by a king from the Soninke people” and “Trade with the Arabs did not create the Ghana empire, but it certainly made the rulers and merchants of Ghana much richer”.These quotes show that Ghana was one of the strongest and wealthy kingdoms and Mali was one of those strong,wealthy kingdoms and a cultural exchange site.This proves that Mali was

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