Cultural History And Cultural Beliefs

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When one begins the discussion of cultural history that is, who we are as individuals, what experiences, beliefs, and factors that shape us into the individuals that we are today. It is important to have an understanding of what culture represents in our society. Exploring cultural history encompasses the combination of anthropology and history alike to further explore popular cultural interpretations and traditions as seen through historical experiences. Meaning, an examination of records, past knowledge, arts, and customs of a given group should be closely assessed in order to begin to understand the individual. In the world today, we see many variations of cultures. Many stand to the tests of time all there own, while others have begun to blend together with that of other cultures. I am a product of just that, being born into a family whose roots tie back to African, Indian, German, and Irish descents made for an interesting upbringing. In this paper, we will discuss how cultural history and family experiences have shaped what is now my own cultural beliefs and learning habits. Cultural Background I come from a home of two parents and two older siblings. My parents both come from military families who moved across the U.S so they were both exposed to different cultures growing up. My father born in Seattle Washington and my mother in Shreveport Louisiana both come from a mixed home. Now while there experiences differed from that of my siblings and mine, given the time
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