Cultural Identity Essay

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1. How are culture and identity expressed or experienced on college campuses? How are they maintained? How do they change? What institutions further it? In what ways does the maintenance of wealthy, predominantly white culture affect the development of racial polarization and social ostracization on college campuses? 2. The Perceived Loss of Equality – Has affirmative action and other initiatives to pursue equity in education created a backlash from white students and their families? In what ways have the perceived loss of equality fueled the rise of the alt-right on college campuses? 3. They vs. Us – Breaking Homogeneity in a Heterogeneous Setting: How does cultural identity construct walls on college campuses? Does cultural identity lead to a they vs. us entanglement of blame? In what ways can cultural identity be used to construct bridges instead of walls? 4. Dwindling Privilege, Anger, and The Perceived Loss of Equality: How does the alt-right perceive equality and its social standing on college campuses? Has a “reverse-victim mentality” constructed resentment for progression in the rights and equality for others? Why have these groups stopped hiding behind masks and begun demonstrating violence and hate, openly and publicly? 5. What impact has white nationalism and other alt-right ideologies had on minority communities on college campuses since Obama took office? More so, how have feelings of fear and exclusion developed over the last year during Trump’s

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