Cultural Reflection Paper

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I took this class in order to gain knowledge of how to navigate a world with countless cultures. In the near future I will be studying abroad in Costa Rica and will apply these newly learned concepts to my travels. I also hope to travel throughout my life, so I am very much in need of tules to enter new cultures. I think the most important concept to base this class around is the platinum rule. With my personality, before taking this class, I would have assumed I should treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. In a new country I would great everyone with a smile, be outgoing and bubbly and just an overall kind person in order to connect with those around me. After taking this class I realized that that might not be the best way to approuch a new culture. It is important to remember the platinum rule: Treat everyone the way they want to be treated. Now that I know this rule, I will make sure that when I enter a new culture I will figure out before hand the “general” personality and traits of the culture I am going to. This leads me to another important concept, generalization. Before taking this class, hearing the word “generalization” I would assume someone was stereotyping and therefore disrespecting a person and their culture. After taking this class I realized that generalization and stereotyping are two very different concepts. There are so many cultures and they all have so many components to them, in order for us to prepare to go into a new culture, it

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