Cultural Self Analysis : Canadian Culture

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Cultural Self Analysis:
Canadian Culture Being Canadian is so much more than just the cliché stereotype of living in igloos, playing hockey 24/7, and drinking Tim Hortans coffee every day. Being a part of the Canadian culture means that all Canadians are unified as one big family. Culture is defined as “a set of human made objective and subjective elements that have increased the probability of survival, and resulted in satisfaction for the participants” (Samovar, 1991). Every culture has their own attitudes, customs and beliefs that differentiate one culture from another. Canadian culture can be very distinctive from other cultures. Usually the first impression of Canadians is that we are very polite and we live in an extremely friendly and accepting country. Being Canadian is about having big hearts and appreciating our diverse environment. Our country shares a wide variety of different ethnic backgrounds which makes being Canadian unique. Canadian culture is primarily found in the nation of Canada, however Canadians can be found all around the world. Canadian culture would be defined as a national culture as it spans throughout North America and other parts of the globe. Canadian culture is derived from British colonization and Canada officially became a colony in 1867, this is known as the Canadian Confederation. Some major figures that appear in the history of Canada include Samuel de Champlain (an explorer who founded New France), and Jim Carrey, who is a famous

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