Why Do People Choose To Get Tattoos?

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For some people tattoos are being used as a known accessory, the reason on why do people make the decision to get them is hardly if ever even questioned. The pain, the stereotypes, and the misconceptions that are often associated with tattoos would pose the question as to why would you choose to get a tattoo. Tattoos can be personal and good way of expressing yourself. Most people, they are shown as different symbols that each have an equal level of significance. The essential of each tattoo have each found the symbolism of them, and their cultural relevance has consistently been a trend found throughout history, religion, and art. Before the mid 1960’s, tattoos were viewed as self-infliction and are deemed simply as unnecessary. …show more content…

Why would anyone want to endure self- inflicted pain? That question is asked all of the time. The only answer is that receiving a tattoo, a person gains a sense an immediate feeling of self-approval. I made the decision to get a tattoo a few weeks before I turned eighteen, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Although there was pain, I knew that it would be worthwhile after it was done. Pain is a fascination to some people. The phenomenon; which some enjoy the pain that it gives them a feeling of being alive, while others do everything in their power to avoid it. “Of course, everyone knows the saying "judging a book by its cover" is a reality so there will always be someone who disapproves. The one thing I try to do is be upfront about who I am, which includes my tattoo”. Even though not all tattoos have to have some deep meaning to them, people just want them so they can be different. Even though it’s a paradox since some people get them just to be like someone else, who is well respected in society. A study that was conveyed by Viren Swami communicates the satisfaction that people get after obtaining a tattoo. In the investigation of tattoos, it talks about the many diverse ingredients that go into determining how perky someone was with their presentation of themselves before they get a tattoo, and then their new reaction of themselves after receiving the tattoo. Many of the people that were used in the

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