Cultural Values And Its Impact On Identity

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People has been trying to find their own identity throughout their lives. Identity, in fact, is a changing subject that are influenced by many different experiences and circumstances. Identity is the product of varieties of sources and is hard to return to its original shape. The society and the environment that people grow up in play major roles in impacting their identity. Changes in these environments create an ever-lasting changes in these identity. Identity slowly becomes concealed in order to help people better survive in their society. People’s real identity becomes hidden so that they can better cope with the changes in culture, learning experience, society’s expectations, and, stereotype.
Sometimes, people have to hide their concerns and identity in order to obey cultural changes and avoid being culturally excluded. Culture impacts people’s background and values. Their culture plays a major role in determining who they are. Cultural practices and values may change as the culture goes through different experiences. However, there are times that these cultural values and practices become incorrect as they are changed. Yet, it is difficult for people to question these values and beliefs. For example, Terry Tempest Williams states that in “The Clan of One- Breasted Women” that “obedience is revered, and independent thinking is not” (546). Independent thinking are eliminated in order to avoid differences in opinions within the culture. Cultures appreciate obedience…
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