Culture And Cultural Identity

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There is a Mexican man that enters with the rest of his family. They eat beans, rice, flour tortillas and etc. The family does there every day routine, the dad wakes up at six- thirty to go to work in his truck. The children go to school and the mother stays at home. The things a person does in their all has a reason which goes all back to culture. Culture is what makes up everyone different from one another. Texts such as “What is Cultural Identity?”, “Where Worlds Collide” and “Two ways to Belong” supports that depending on one’s culture it effects one perspective on the world and others. In Elise Trumbull and Maria Pacheco’s essay “What is Culture Identity?” it explains how culture has a lot to do with the way someone views other. “Nonetheless, one’s beliefs and action; they have emerged from the ways one’s own group has dealt with and interpreted the particular conditions it has faced” (Trumbull 10). With this text it is basically saying that as a person the choices that are made are based on culture. People stick to how others from their culture have deal with a similar choice. “When we encounter a culture that is different from our own, one of the things we are faced with is a set of beliefs that manifest themselves in behaviors that differ from our own” (Trumbull 01). This quote gives a real world example where a different person with different thoughts, and behaviors are shown up when with someone completely different from their own culture. Ones behaviors are
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