Cultural Values Of A Taiwanese-American Culture

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I was born in Taiwan, when I was eleven years old, my family have immigrated to a small town in Eastern Kentucky. Moving from a mostly homogeneous society to a heterogeneous society was quite a change for our family, it has also open my eyes to culture conflicts. Growing up, I’ve define my race as Asian, and my ethnicity as Taiwanese-American, at home my parents speak mainly Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, and we ate mostly Taiwanese food at home, however I have been socialized and adapted into the American culture in school, and with my peers. Consequently, as I grow older, I’ve identify myself with both culture and heritages. I have made an effort to not forget my native languages and my native culture values, instead, I’ve try my best to make the best out of both cultures.
What kinds of societal messages have I received about people from different cultures?
I believe my family have strongly influenced my view about people from different cultures, my father used to travel for his work, and two of my favorite aunts have spend majority of their life traveling around the world. I’ve grown up hearing about their travel adventures, and fascinating stories about the countries they visited, which has inspired my interest to travel around the world. It also helped that my family loves cooking and we always gather and eat meals to celebrate. My aunt learned to cook different types recipes while she was traveling and would always make them during family gathering. I’ve

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