Culture And Culture In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Who one becomes, originates from where they were raised and the culture that guides a person through life. The fictional novel, Things Fall Apart, demonstrates one portrayal of an ethnically rich community. Nigeria is the native land of the author and it also where Chinua Achebe plots the story for his book. The main character’s life is interweaved with details of the culture and what life is like in the Ibo village, Umuofia. Readers are enchanted by the author’s knowledge and how many details are included. Chinua Achebe creates an ethnically rich story by describing the culture and traditions through the use of the Ibo language in place of English words.
In Umuofia, culture defines a huge portion of the ethnic identity. As Achebe illustrates, “age was respected among his people, but achievement was revered” (8). Members of this village honored their elders and defined a person by what one would do, rather than where one came from. Titles were also another important part of their culture and the more that one had, the greater they were. To extend this idea further the author points out, “yams stood for manliness, and he who could feed his family on yams from one harvest to another was a very great man indeed” (Achebe 33). In Umuofia, men had to provide for their families and if they did well they were honored. Men worked their farms hard, just as Okonkwo did and those who succeeded had a sense of self dignity and righteousness. Above all, members of the

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