Culture And Drinking Culture

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Going to bars, clubs, and drinking alcohol are parts of various cultures and societies, especially in America. It is a common theme to go drinking on the weekends, such as on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It may seem like going out to drinking, may be a waste of time and/or money to buy expensive alcohol, party in dirty clubs and to listen to bad music. However, it is an important part of the social lives for adults.
Going out to clubs and bars and drinking is a way to get together with groups of friends in your life through communication, making memories, for stress relief, and sharing values and norms though a common guide. These common values and social norms allow us to help through what is consider appropriate behaviors in the subculture we are participating in. A subculture is known as a group within a large culture, that has values, beliefs, and interests that vary apart from the larger culture. This subculture can be known as the “alcohol drinking culture.”
Occasionally, my boyfriend, six close friends (including, one designated sober driver) and I go downtown to go to bars, and clubs to drink, party, and dance to badly mixed music. We went downtown for my boyfriend’s birthday on November 24th, all set to drink, to have fun, tell stories, and to party the night away. It had been some time, since our last get together and wanted to make memories and drink the night away. We arrived at Humpin’ Hannah’s in Boise, got a table, started drinking and playing pool.

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