Culture Of The Philippines Essay

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THE HISTORY AND STABILITY OF THE PHILIPPINES “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people (Ghandi, Mahatma 2017). For about the first time this lush land was discovered, the Filipinos have always been proud of their culture, their religion, customs and beliefs. A part of their culture is transmitted through their various languages, material objects, rituals, institution, and art from one generation to the next. They, like any other country had its ups and downs with things they’re not so proud of like their stability financially and with their government. But despite that, the Philippines have more to offer than just their land and what the land has to offer other countries for they literally are still fighting their own wars within themselves and the country is still going through turmoil then and now. In 1521, a Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan was discovering lands for Spain and came across a body of islands which stretched across the seas, which became known as the Philippines; officially known as the Republic of the Philippines (Lambert, Tim). Since Magellan was working in Spain at that time, He was able to claim the island for Spain. But a few months later, Magellan was killed during a tribal warfare against the Lapu-Lapu’s Army on the Mactan Island. Because of that, the Spaniard did not gain a base in the Philippines until Miguel Lopez de Legazpi led an expedition and built a fort in Cebu which later opened up the Spaniards to

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