Papua New Guinea Essay

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Why are we driving cars and using cell phones, while people of Papua New Guinea are using sticks and stones to chop down a tree and hunt?! It’s all because of our geographical inequality. Our world is so unequal depending on where you are in the world. People in Eurasia got the best climate to grow wheat. What does wheat have to do with inequality? Wheat won't grow in Papua New Guinea! Wheat grows in humid climates and takes little effort to grow and farm. Wheat is an easy crop to harvest and grow, not to mention it takes very few people to go out, collect and regrow it again. Not to mention that wheat can be stored for 7-8 months. People of Papua New Guinea live in a tropical and very wet climate, not only that, but the ground is to dense to plant wheat. That means People of Papua New Guinea can’t get wheat. Instead they have to go out and hunt for their food. One type of food that they eat, is called the Sago …show more content…

Iron was mined and they needed better tools and weapons. Eurasia had a perfect climate for keeping a hot fire (over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit ). It took time and many failed attempts, to actually forge steel. Then to turn it into tools and swords was another challenge. Spain mastered the sword, light weight long swords with heavy counterweight pommels. Spain also made steel plate armor for battle. The Spanish sailed to South America to eliminate the Incas to find “Eldorado,” City of Gold. They kinda did, the Incas had only gold as their material. Gold was common to them so they made almost everything of of gold. While the Spanish had steel swords and armor. The Incas had gold and lots of it, but gold was too brittle to make swords and armor out of it. The Incas were an army of thousands, and Spanish only hundreds on horseback and steel. The Spanish conquered the Incas because of how powerful steel was, they also had a little help from diseases, but that’ll be covered

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