Culture of Haiti

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The Culture of Haiti

Carrie St. Jean

Axia College of University of Phoenix

What does the average American really know about the country, Haiti? Is the lifestyle all black magic, spells, and séances? Is this media portrayal of Voodoo the only way of life and what is Voodoo, any way? These questions come to mind when someone wants to know the truth about Haitian culture and life in Haiti. Haitian culture consists of deep rooted religious beliefs, music, and Haitian cuisine. First and foremost, voodoo is not just black magic, spells, and voodoo dolls that everyone associates with what has been portrayed in the movies and television shows. For example, the movie Serpent and the Rainbow, directed by Wes Craven …show more content…

This is Haiti’s Independence Day. The soup mainly consists of beef, chicken, squash, spinach, sweet potatoes, and other leafy greens. The interesting fact about this dish is the fact that no pumpkin is used to make the soup. Specific Haitian recipes have been passed along from generation to generation and when a person mentions one Haitian dish, most likely everyone will know exactly what

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