Curfew Is A Classic Battle Between Authority Figures And Children

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Curfew is a classic battle between authority figures and children. Curfew has benefits as a child is developing to be an independent individual. Many parents strongly believe in the strict rules of a curfew for the child’s protection and instilling good behaviors; for example, timeliness and not making bad decisions late at night can both be taught through a curfew. While curfew may be beneficial for children who are learning to become independent, it is not necessary for college students at their universities. The curfew policy at Liberty University produces negative effects on the students and the current method to extend curfew is not adequate; therefore, the Liberty University Board of Directors should set a later curfew to better accommodate the needs of the students.
Liberty University’s curfew rule produces negative effects on the students. It does not allow the necessary freedoms that a college student should have. As stated in the Liberty Way, the curfew rule for on-campus students is at midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and from Friday to Saturday it is at 12:30 A.M. In addition, most college student’s lives have been guided by various authorities to prepare them for independency and responsibility. When some of those students get to Liberty, having a curfew might inhibit students from forming the necessary maturity for a complete independent life. The Christian author of “Getting a Life: The Challenge of Emerging Adulthood,” Christian Smith states, “These years

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