Current Management Techniques, And Make Recommendations On Where We Can Improve Our Current Model

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The purpose of this memo is to survey our current management techniques, and make recommendations on where we can improve our current model. The real estate industry is a cyclical market. We can observe almost regular 18-year cycles in the housing market, with the last recession occurring in 2008 (Nikolais, 2014). With this regularity, it has been very easy to predict when expansions will occur, which in turn allows real estate firms to position themselves in a way to fully capture the market. However, the last bust in 2008 has been much different. For the first time in history, people are electing to rent, rather than buy their home. This can be seen in a recent survey by MarketWatch: “Nearly six in 10 Millennials (59%) say they’d rather rent a home than buy one, with just one in four saying they are either very or completely likely to purchase a home in the next five years” (MarketWatch, 2015). The reason for this change in behavior is that first-time homebuyers are burdened with nearly $1 Trillion in student loan debt (Kingkade, 2013). This pressure has made younger people wary of taking on even more debt in the form of a mortgage loan.

On a broader level, we are six years into a recovery in the housing market that is likely to last for a considerable amount of time (Nikolais, 2014). Although we are seeing a rise in demand, and have been very busy as of late, there are always areas in which we can improve. Recent trends in technology have reshaped the way businesses are

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