Current World Events Of A Mass Exodus From War-Torn Syria

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Current world events of a mass exodus from war-torn Syria to non-accepting European countries like Hungary or the Czech Republic is unethical, but not disputed. Imagine, the psychology of an individual going from a citizen to a refugee is boggling. But, mind-boggling is an understatement for what the American Indians tribes went through in their own country. The Indian tribes were collateral damage of an existing dehumanizing philosophy, further resulting in systematic genocide and impending generation suppression. The yesteryear of horsepower and the imminent industrial iron-horse created a head-on explosion of America territory expansion. For instance, the Cherokees were uprooted and demoralized from their Georgia territory of …show more content…

Ever since Columbus first set his eyes on the Indians, accounts have been kept of their tribulation, slavery, and bloodshed. Nonetheless, resilience and harden spiritually has helped Indians conquer and solidified their existence in human history. Every human has a mental break and the Removal Act 1830 had a profound emotional effect on the Indian race to give future generations the lack of growing. American Indians have endured hundreds of years of physical warfare, but never had the Indians faced psychological warfare. Prior to the Removal Act, there is enough evidence to show that the Cherokee had adopted current religious, education, text mill, and farming techniques. Under the Civilization Plan program created by President Washington in the 1790’s to help the Cherokee adapt to white American customs. Social programs were created to teach the Cherokees self-reliance on current productive commerce, land ownership, and education. So successful the programs were, that in 1817 the Cherokees established a national capital in New Echota, Georgia to protect themselves from the threat of land removal. Created their own 3 branch government system, coded laws, drafted a Constitution, and elected Jim Ross as Principal Chief.

The U.S election of 1828, brought in the newly democratic weight needed to tip the scale of law in favor of commerce

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