Curriculum Definition And Definition Of Curriculum

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What is Curriculum? According to Stotsky (2012), curriculum is a plan of action that is aimed at achieving desired goals and objectives. It is a set of learning activities meant to make the learner attain goals as prescribed by the educational system. Generally, it includes the subjects and activities that a given school system is responsible for. Moreover, it defines the environment where certain learning activities take place. Furthermore, curriculum defines what happens in any formal educational institution, and no school or university can exist without it. The concepts governing curriculum are dynamic in nature because of the changes that occur in everyday lives. In summary, it refers to the total learning experience not only in a school setting but also in the society at large. Therefore, curriculum definition depends on its goal, context within which it is used, and the strategies deployed in its application. It is also defined as the subjects chosen based on the pressing issues that are useful for living in the society (English, 2010).Largely, it should be concerned about life skills such as critical thinking and social and project-based skills. Curriculum is often the main center of focus in the education field. The stakeholders are most of the time involved in deciding on the choices to make when it comes to content and methods of teaching. This makes it vital to define curriculum as the totality of learning experiences given to students to…
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