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What is Curriculum? According to Stotsky (2012), curriculum is a plan of action that is aimed at achieving desired goals and objectives. It is a set of learning activities meant to make the learner attain goals as prescribed by the educational system. Generally, it includes the subjects and activities that a given school system is responsible for. Moreover, it defines the environment where certain learning activities take place. Furthermore, curriculum defines what happens in any formal educational institution, and no school or university can exist without it. The concepts governing curriculum are dynamic in nature because of the changes that occur in everyday lives. In summary, it refers to the total learning experience not only in a…show more content…
Other scholars present value oriented principles of curriculum (Glanz, 2006). In this regard, experiences of the learners are considered, apart from making decisions regarding content, process, issues, and topics. These authors’ perceptions regarding curriculum are both students and society centered. Curriculum exists in three forms, namely planned, enacted and experienced (Boomer, 1992). Planned Curriculum It exists in the form of planned programs, objectives, instructions, and assessments offered by schools. Mostly, planning of a curriculum takes place in five stages, which include framing, lesson planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Its characteristics include proper definition of goals, measurability of the learning objectives, and valid assessments. A curriculum is considered as planned if it systematically implements educational activities and programs. Its combination of methods and instructions makes it have a wider scope (English, 2010). Enacted Curriculum It deals with professional judgments about the type of curriculum that is ready for implementation and evaluation. As a result, teachers are assigned the responsibility of assessing the relevant pedagogical knowledge in use. However, their professional authority in actualizing the curriculum may conflict with the planned curriculum (English, 2010). Experienced Curriculum and Challenge This is what actually takes place in the classroom situation.
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